Mikhael - Malayalam Movie - 2019

Mikhael - Malayalam Movie - 2019

Mikhael is a family thriler movie, directed by Haneef Adeni

production and distribution by Anto Joseph

  • Premiere 18 Jan 2019
  • Category Thriller

Haneef Adeni started this project based on the previous experience of two successful project, and here "Mikhael" is no doubt this movie also will make big hit. This movie is giving more important for styles and dialogues and this is the one of speciality of Haneef adeni films. 

This movie evolve two families, Nivin as Dr.Mike alias Mikhael. Mike is the guardian angel to his family. The main theme of this movie is how he protecting his beloved sister Navani Devanand as Jenni from the Villain family. Siddique as the Villain and his brother Marco as Unni mukundan.This movie is a complete action thriller, The part of Hero and Villain roles are perfectly done by Nivin and Unni mukundan.
Unni Mukundan's looks is really awesome and he really working hard for his body building.

Asokan,Baiju,Suraaj venjaramood,Kalabhavan Shajon, Shanthikrishna, KPAC Lalitha, Manjima Mohan, Sudev Nair, Babu Antony, Kishore and J.D.Chakravarthy are the other roles.

Music direction by Gopi sundar and budget of this movie is 15 crores

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