Inspirational movies in Malayalam

Inspirational movies in Malayalam

  • Posted by Ullas kishan
  • Date 30 Dec 2018

We used to watch the movie for enjoyment or refreshments. We are expecting the movie should be thriller or romantic or else any kind of movie which is making refresh our mindset. When our mindset is filled with negative thoughts, there we need something to gain our confidence. For that I have bunch of movie list to watch. If didn’t watched yet, then this is the right time to watch.

1. Ustad Hotel

The story is about young man Faizi(Dulquer salman). Who studied in Switzerland as an chef against the wishes of his father. Father as Siddique. When his father has known the reality they fought and came to his grandfather Kareem (Thilakan). He runs a hotel, its named “USTAD HOTEL”. Faizi made strong bonding with his grandfather; Grandfather educated him about servitude and purpose of his profession.

The film goes beyond its fun-filled moments to discuss issues of poverty, under-privilege and tensions between rich and poor in India. Food and its role in basic sustenance and bonding between people, becomes a central character.

2. Traffic

Traffic movie is based on real story was happened in Chennai, Vineeth srinivasan as Raihan an aspiring journalist, starts his first job with an interview with Sidharth Shankar(Rahman) the very same day. While going to his first interview he met accident into speedy car at the traffic signal.Raihan goes into coma and is declared brain dead although he is kept alive using ventilator.And another side Sidharth daughter is a heart patient and she required emergency heart transplant. As the Raihan parents agreed to donate raihan heart to the sidharth daughter. Now the heart is available and the current problem is raihan’s heart and the Sidharth daughter are in different location, Eranakulam and Palakkad respectively and also they have only two hours left where there is no charted flights though only one way that is roadway. Ajmal Nazar(Anoop Menon) as Police commissioner he rejected the mission because of the complexity, he evaluated the distance and the current condition of the Kerala Highways.During this time Commissioner got call from senior surgeon and he said

'If you are consistently going on saying 'no', then this day will just end like any other day, but if you are ready for a committed yes, then it will be a fervent support from many others to continue with saying 'yes' in similar enterprising situations'.

After this call commissioner was ready to take this mission and given the responsibility to Sudevan(srinivasan). Sudevan is voluntary took this responsibility to correct his bad mark on the service and finally the mission and operation was success.

3. Guppy

Michael who makes his living by selling fish dreams of buying a wheel chair for his ailing mother. However, problems start brewing in his life when he gets into a fight with Thejus(Tovino) an engineer.

4. Su su vadhmikam

The Character Sudhi(Jayasurya) with stammering problem he really struggled to go forward in his life. His friends are very helpful to him but his marriage is canceled because of this problem. On the next level he went to negative thoughts like haven’t no life. During this time speech therapist Kalyani(Shivda) motivated and he overcome the negative thoughts and he got job as assistant manager in a bank.

5. Ayalum njanum thammil

Ravi(Prithviraj) , an irresponsible doctor, joins Dr Samuel's(Prathap Pothan) hospital as an intern. The strict Dr Samuel tries to change Ravi's attitude towards work.

6. Charlie

Charlies (Dulquer Salman) is the person who lived for others to make happy, he is always focusing to others problem like who went to negative in their life. In this film Kani(Aparna Gopinath) as a Doctor she decided to suicide because of love affair. Charlie helps her to live her life in to the positive attitude. Nedumudi venu is about 70 plus year old he had love story in his teenage he is still expecting to meet her but he does not know where she had been. But Charlie found her and took in front of him and So on Charlie’s Story.

7. 1983

Ramesan(Nivin Pauly) who has a great passion for cricket fails to become a cricketer in his life. However, he tries to fulfil his dreams through his son when he realises that his son too has a desire for it.

8. Jacobinte Swargarajyam

Jacobinte is an gulf based businessman he went to finance problem and he blocked in African country. During this time the finance problem increased and they were peek of the finance problem. Jerry (Nivin Pauly) as elder son he took the responsibility to overcome the family issue. So this crictical movement of jerry succeeded from the crisis.

9. Mili

Mili (Amala Paul) is an introvert who is very depressed. Her self-affectation and inferiority complex puts off everyone. Nobody likes her character but nobody attempts to help her either. She chooses to rise above the challenges and take back the reins of her life. Her transformation and learning to deal with her emotions, forms the crux of the movie. Nivin Pauly plays the role of Naveen, a soft-skills trainer who becomes a support for Mili.

10. Philips and Monkey pen

Eight-year-old Ryan is a cute little boy who always struggles to complete his maths homework. But when his antique collector grandfather gifts him a magical pen, Ryan's life takes a new turn.

More than romantic or thriller sometime we need some positive or inspirational movie

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