Some useful tips for making modeling profile

Some useful tips for making modeling profile

  • Posted by Ullas kishan
  • Date 02 Jun 2020

Are you preparing to be a model and you have no idea how to send the profile to the agency?. Don't worry I have some useful tips for profile making based on that you can create your modeling profile. These tips for male and female models who required to make a modeling profile. 

1. Good Quality Photos

The modeling agency or casting agency expecting the pictures should be in good quality. So kindly avoid pictures which you have taken using your mobile phones. If you having or friends having a camera then don't hesitate to ask them or find a model photographer.

2. A clear photo of your faces

Don't send the photographs with sunglasses or turned pose. When you planning to send your photos to modeling agency, those photos should be a clear face.

3. Avoid selfies or Chinese apps filters.

The industry people are seriously doing their job, So you also take this opportunity as seriously. Kindly avoid sending selfies and other camera filters.

4. Avoid group photos

Taking photos with friends is a nice idea, but not when you are a model. Try to share the photos of yourself and this will help the client to avoid confusion.

5. Night photography

Night photography will take you down because night photos where the light will be low. It is difficult to know how is your looks on the real shoot. Use daylight or studio lighting.

6. Polaroid

Polaroids are a classic industry standard for agents and photographers to see how you look without make-up, hair styling, and Photoshop. Try to find a plain wall as a background and do a neutral face and a pose.

7. Connect your profile to Instagram

Everybody likes to see the models on Instagram, this community will expose your photos on the feeds, those feeds will show your professional profile to everyone.


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