Top Jobs in the film industry that pays wel

Top Jobs in the Film Industry that pays well

  • Posted by Sree Lakshmi
  • Date 19 Sep 2019

Everybody loves to watch movies. It varies from short to full-length movies, Horror, romantic, funny, scientific whatever may be. But how many of us know, "Jobs in the film industry that pays well"? Well, let us look into their basic education requirements and salary.

1. Producer/Director

Producers and directors play key roles within the film industry. In films, directors are in charge of making the creative decisions while filming and providing direction to actors whereas Producers are responsible for making sure all the finances are secured to create the film and hire the cast and crew. In 2019, the median salary for these individuals was $114,450.

Education: Bachelor's degree, and, while some may have studied film or theater, others have degrees in subjects like business or communications.

2. Art Director

A responsible person to work with the director and other staff or assistants to create an artistic vision for the film set. He looks out what types of props, set designs, and costumes are necessary in order to create realistic sets that match the style and time period of the film. By 2019, the average pay for an Art Director is $25.79 per hour. The average pay for an Art Director is $64,349 per year.

Education: Bachelor's degree in a field like art or photography.

3. Multimedia Artist/Animator

Animator works primarily in animated films drawing the characters and scenes that appear in the film. Other artists and animators may specialize in special effects and computer-generated images (CGI) for live-action films. They earn a monthly salary of $4,167.

Education: Bachelor's degree in computer graphics or a similar field

4. Actor/Actress

Actors and Actresses are perhaps the most visible workers within this field as they star in the films and television shows. It is their job to take on the role of different characters, memorize lines, and take direction from directors. The field is projected to grow by 12% between 2016 and 2026 and actors who are successful earn over $100 per hour. 

Education: To pursue formal dramatic training.

5. Film and Video Editor

They typically use various types of editing software to make sure the sound, music, and lighting all align properly, and they are able to select footage from multiple different angles of the same scene to create interesting and compelling final cuts. Film and video editors are responsible for working with the footage that is captured during filming, keeping it all organized, and editing it into a cohesive story. By 2019, individuals made a median salary of $112,760.

Education:Bachelor's degree in a field related to film or broadcasting.

6. Composer

This typically involves working with the director in order to understand what scenes require music, the overall storyline and theme of the film, and the type of tone and mood the film is trying to achieve. As a composer who works in the film industry, you will be responsible for writing the musical scores for the film. By 2019, Composers and music directors made a median salary of $90,110.

Education: No specific requirements, but those interested in composing classical music may need a master's degree in a field like music theory or music composition. 

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