Top movies of Manju Warrier

Top movies of Manju Warrier

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  • Date 12 Oct 2019

Manju warrier is popular in doing bold characters, almost all the movie Manju have equal value with the lead actor. Character transformation and dialogue delivery is very impressive. She is predominantly in Malayalam movies and also acted for one movie in Tamil with Dhanush’s Asuran.

She started her acting career at the age of 17 and the debutant movie is Sakshyam and got breakthrough in Sallabam and Ee Puzhayum Kadannu. After that she acted with popular Malayalam actors and she has given a break to the movies for her personal life. Now she has given mass entry in the movie “How old are you” and many top movies with good roles

Currently she bagged 32 major awards and 7 Nominations. So she is a Lady superstar. I have top movies list where she showed her best.

1. Asuran (2019)

Asuran Movie

Asuran movie will be the debutant Tamil movie of Manju warrier(Pachaiyamma). Manju got good response everywhere for acting.  Asuran movie is based on vekkai Novel. Manju warrier did her best in this movie.So we can add this also to manju warrier top movies.

2. Aami (2018)

Aami- best movies of manju warrier

In this film Manju as Aami, on the life of acclaimed writer Kamala Das aka Madhavikutty. This movie was leading manju to the good character role.

Awards: Asiavision Awards

3. Udhaharanam Sujatha (2017)

Udhaharanam sujatha - best movie of Manju warrier

Manju as Sujatha, a single mother who struggles to make ends meet, is disappointed when her daughter Athira decides to drop out of school. So Sujatha devises a plan to motivate her to study. For this movie manju did lot of homework to present the Sujatha character

Awards: Kerala Films Critics Association Awards

4. Rani Padmini (2015)

Rani Padmini -  Best movie of Manju warrier and Rima Kallingal

In this movie Manju as Padmini. Namely Padmini and Rani, two women from different family backgrounds, meet during a journey. While travelling through unfamiliar places, both develop a bond and help each other solve their personal problems.

Awards: Filmfare awards south

5. How old are you? (2014)

How old are you -  best movies of manju warrier

A middle-aged married woman desperately tries to change her life. This movie is motivated to many woman who lose their hopes after the marriage or any other situations. Later the movie is remakes to Tamil and Hindi with Jyothika and Vidyabalan respectively. Manju did so many roles in different movies but this movie is bit different because this movie motivated many peoples. So consider this movie would be the top rated movie of Manju warrier.

Awards: Filmfare awards south and SIIMA

6. Pathram (1999)

Pathram - best movies of Manju warrier

Here Manju is Daughter of News paper Editor Sekharan (Murali). This movie Manju delivered many powerful dialogues that makes her more famous. This movie earned lot of attention in that year. So we can consider this also a best movie of Manju warrier.

Awards: Filmfare awards south

7. Kanmadham (1998)

Kanmadham - bestt movie of Mohanlal and Manju warrier

This movie Manju as Bhanu, After killing Damodaran unknowingly, Viswanathan, a thug, tries to save his home from getting sold. However, he falls in love with Damodaran's sister, Bhanu. In this movie Manju role was country girl. 

Awards: Filmfare awards south

8. Kannezhuthi pottu thottu (1998)

Kannezhuthi pottum thottu - Manju warrier best movie

Manju as Bhadra, a woman, seeks revenge against Natesan, a landlord, who killed her parents fifteen years ago and tries to seduce his son Uthaman making Natesan jealous

Awards: National Film Awards special mention

9. Kaliyattam (1997)

Kaliyattam -  Best movie of Suresh gopi and Manju warrier

This movie Manju  as Thamara. Suresh Gopi as Kannan, a Theyyam artist, loves Thamara. However, Paniyan manipulates him into thinking that Thamara is having an affair with Kanthan and sends him down a path of death and tragedy. This movie is abstraction of Shakesphere’s Othello

Awards: Filmfare awards south

10. Sallabham (1996)

Sallapam - best movie of Manju warrier and Dileep

Manju as Radha and Sivakumar fall in love with each other. However, her life takes a turn when he refuses to marry her because of his family problems.

11. Ee Puzhayum kadannu (1996)

Ee puzhayum kadannu - Dileep and Manju warrier

Anjali hates Gopi but eventually falls in love with him. However, she is unable to marry him as she has two sisters who are still single.

Awards: Kerala state Award for Best Actress and Filmfare awards south.

Hope you enjoyed this article : top movies of manju warrier

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