Why Mohanlal is the best

Why Mohanlal is the best

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  • Date 05 May 2018

Why Mohanlal is the best.

This is the most predominant question from other state of Kerala! Why Mohanlal is the best. If you struggle to answer for this question? Then use this link to answer. This link is well answered for their questions and doubts.

I have a common question to my Malayali brothers and sisters. Are we fell with his beauty?

My answer is “Yes”. That is beauty of acting and delivery of lengthy dialogues. We can describe his acting by points to understand.


We must recognize his ability to have different character with perfection. Most of the time we will feel he is not acting, he is living as the character. I will suggest you as an example to recognize his ability.

The below three movies are the best example for his versatile acting skill.

Movie Name: Vanaprastham

Cast: Kathakali artist Kunhikuttan

He shown his massive ability of acting in this movie, and he received National award, Kerala state award for the acting.

Vanaprastham mohanlal filmguru.in  

Movie Name: No.20 Madras Mail

Cast: Tony Kurishingal

Released Year: 1990

His acting is highly notable and people will last in our memory. This movie was commercial success and it ran for 125 days.

Tony mohanlal filmguru.in

Movie Name: Kireedam

Cast: Sethumadhavan

Released Year: 1989

None of Malayali were missed to watch this movie, it was big success in all the way. Such as story, songs and the acting. Mohanlal’s character was very amazing one. His acting in the climax was very memorable.

kireedam mohanlal filmguru.in


Mohanlal’s versatile skill is extended to the humorful acting, many of his movie scenes we seen multiple times. Because it is attractive one and we cannot forget also. Most of the time we connected those scenes with our daily conversation with friends, so that is the skill of humor he has. I will show you some of scenes in the below. If you are agreeing that, then don’t forget to share this link to you Facebook.

Movie Name: Nadodi kaattu

Cast: Sethumadhavan

Released Year: 1989

“ഞങ്ങൾ ഇന്നലെ ഇല്ല സർ (Njangal innale illa sir)

nadodikaatu mohanlal filmguru.in

This film was very good in humor, had good rating in box office. This humor is continuing to the entire movie series, later this movie Pattanaprevasaham, Akkare Akkare Akkare has released.

Movie Name: Mazhapeyyunnu Madhalam Kottunnu

Cast: Shambu

Released Year: 1986

This movie has one major comedy scene which is still stands as number one, because that much standard humor dialogue none movie has.

"ha!ha!ha! I am the answer...Kilometres and kilometres.. in these days of degenerating decency of Miami beach to Washington DC when diplomacy and duplicity become interchangeable from complicated America to America!! "

"You talk too much...I kick your face and get out...You talking nonsense in the house of my wife mother and father!! Uncle him send out..outhouse..go..go away.."

"Go away stupiddddddu....In this house of my wife and daughter, you will not see any minute of the today....

get out house... Erangippodaaa.."


The person can cry and make others to cry by acting, that is the ability of acting. He has numerous film he had been cried and us to make cry. So, transforming one person life situation to another situation is practically not possible but this person has did by his acting all of the audience did cried when watching movie.

Below I have some movie suggestion to identify the familiarity.

Movie Name: Kanmadham

Cast: Vishwanathan

Released Year: 1998

This film has conversation between KPAC Lalitha and Mohanlal, that scene is very heart touching one.

kanmadam mohanlal filmguru.in



In this category I didn’t meant he is going to sing, but he would act exactly like singer. Yes we would feel he is exactly singing the song.

mohanlal songs filmguru.in

Mass Dialogue

Dialogue delivery is very important in acting. Compare with any of Indian actor MohanLal’s easiness in dialogue delivery is magical. If you took some of his movies for example Thoovana thumbikal his used to speak Thrissur slang, in Aaram thamburan he took normal Hindu slang, Spirit he took Kottayam slang. Mohanlal has the ability to deliver any kind of dialogue easily.

po mone dinesh, mohanlal dialogue filmguru.in

Ne Po Mone Dinesha - Narasimham

Savaari giri giri - Raavanaprabhu

Va vitta vaaku, Kai vita aayudham, Rendum thirichu edukan aagilla, Orkananam orthal nannu – Aaram thamburan

Jeevikan ippol oru moham thonnunnu.. athu kondu chodhikukaya... enne kollathirikan pattuvo? Illa alle ? saramilla – Chithram

enthaado warriere njan ingane aayi poyathu? - Aaram thamuburan




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